Damp Proofing & Plastering
When it comes to looking after a home, damp proofing may not be at the front of your mind. One typically think of activities such as painting and decorating, clearing blocked pipes and gutters or replacing fixtures and fittings such as kitchen surfaces or a lovely clean new carpet for the lounge and stairs. The fact is, however, that poor damp proofing is very important, and damp can cause a number of issues ranging from minor problems to outright scary issues such as structural property damage!

If you think that damp is just a bit of a bad smell and unattractive mould then think again! Damp causes a range of illnesses for anyone spending time inside a building from allergies and itchy eyes to sneezing and more serious problems such as asthma and other respiratory problems AND damp left untreated can cause damage to the structure of a property – putting your home at risk.

What is damp proofing?

Damp proofing is an important method for making sure that damp isn’t absorbed through walls and floors into the inside of your home or office from outside. A damp-proof membrane is one of many ways that damp is kept out. On the exterior, a damp course is built into the walls of the house above ground level and runs through to the inside of the house, dropping to below ground level underneath the concrete floor inside a building. The lining is visible on most modern houses from the outside.

At The Essex Group Ltd, we use other smart methods including waterproof tanking to treat damp walls. This process ensures that walls are made permanently watertight. We also offer external waterproofing which involves applying a coating to the outside of a property. This is also great for protecting a property from flooding. We tailor the solution to your property using our expertise and knowledge.

If damp proofing is not done properly and action is not done to fix the situation then structural damage to a property can be costly. Even if you aren’t having any work carried out, it’s worth checking to make sure that you have your property properly protected from damp.

The Essex Group Ltd has over 30 years experience of traditional plastering and specialist plastering. We work on commercial and residential properties for large or small projects. So if you need plastering contractors for internal or external plastering, contact our plasterers at The East Sussex Group Ltd today.

Plastering Services
We offer extensive plastering services for internal and external works including, but not limited to, the following:


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