Are You Looking To Have Your Chimney Repaired?

Your chimney must endure a variety of weather conditions, such as rain, sleet and snow. Exposure to these conditions can lead to problems including cracks, chips and even loss of bricks. It is important to check regularly for any problems. If inspections and repairs are carried out early, bigger and potentially more costly problems can be prevented.

At The East Sussex Group Ltd, we understand that a chimney and fireplace can often serve as the heart of a home, which makes them very important for our customers. For this reason, we provide a chimney repair, restoration and maintenance service for all of our customers.

We’re qualified, experienced professionals that know how to undertake any repairs needed with safety and efficiency in mind.

Chimney maintenance needs to be done regularly in homes that use fireplaces often, this is in order to stop soot from building up so that you can continue to use your fireplace safely. We’re also able to design and rebuild chimneys using a variety of different materials. We work closely with each customer to ensure they are satisfied with the end product.

We have extensive experience refurbishing and rebuilding chimneys including chimney breast repair, chimney pointing and repointing, leadwork, replacement and repair of damaged chimney pots, and chimney brickwork cleaning and chimney restoration.

It is vitally important that your chimney performs efficiently extracting all combustion gases and fumes including carbon monoxide which can be fatal.

Regular maintenance is essential to safeguard the welfare of you and your family. If you have not commissioned a survey of your chimney in recent years, we recommend that this is done as a matter of priority.

Leadwork & Flashing

Lead flashing involves installing a lining of lead around the joins in your chimney to prevent water from leaking into the roof interior.

Our experienced team can carry out lead work and flashing services on your chimney. This includes replacing the lead flashing and other complex lead work such as corner filigrees. These are the decorative lead features on your home.

Our experienced team can repair any kind of chimney damage to the highest standard, from a simple restoration to damage from storms and frost. We have the skills, just give us a call to get a quote.


Why Choose Us


01. Safety & Security


We are fully insured and licensed. We never cut corners, but instead, we do professional work every time.


02. Low Cost


We offer a proper plan of action and a detailed bid so you can budget ahead of time. No hidden fees whatsoever.


03. Professional & Reliable


Our reputation, integrity & success relies on our Ironclad Workmanship Warranty presented to you, before and after work completion.

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